Friday fun: The world’s best biscuit

The search is on for the world’s best biscuit. One of my colleagues in the south this week launched a blog search to find, not just Britain’s favourite dunker, but the world’s.
At Mmmm!, Bracknell’s best biscuit blog, the intrepid Mike Pyle took a look at the poll being run on the topic by TV presenter and MEN columist Martin Lewis on
Mike posts: “Nearly 11,000 people answered the poll and as the votes were being counted it became a two horse race. Bourbons fell by the wayside. Custard creams couldn’t keep up with the pace. Even the Jaffa Cake (see, they think it’s a biscuit too) was left eating dust.
“When it came to the crunch the two biscuits that the nation loves, with almost 30 per cent of the poll between them, and just 105 votes separating them, were the Hob Nob (chocolate and otherwise) and the Chocolate Digestive (regular digestives languished way down the rankings).”
So what do you think? Join the debate today – after all, it is Friday.


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