A grilling on BBQs

If you’re planning a BBQ, it’s probably this weekend according to a survey of 1,000 people undertaken by cooking appliance brand Stoves.
Those asked, decided Saturday, August 2 would be the day most likely to incinerate those sausages or poison their friends.
The survey also revealed the following;
78% of us have had a barbeque rained off in the last year.
Guess what stops us eating outdoors? 78% say it’s the weather. (Wow, insightful stuff so far!)
More than two-thirds (67%) of men claimed they take the head chef role
Nearly a quarter women (23%) admitted they don’t enjoying cooking outdoors. (Possibly something to do with the finding above?)
Burgers topped the poll of the nation’s favourite BBQ food taking a third (33%) of the votes.
Steak came a close second (23%)
Prawns lagged behind with only 5% of people citing them as their favourite BBQ dish
What all that adds to the sum knowledge of humankind I’m not sure but, if you are having a BBQ at the weekend, enjoy your wet burger menfolk.
You might want to add a picture of the occasion onto the BBQ Band of brothers…….and sisters! picture group where I found the wet, burnt, truthful picture above.


2 thoughts on “A grilling on BBQs

  1. haha, I love this! Thanks! My friends and I actually have planned a bbq for this weekend. And we aren’t letting the boys cook. Of course this means we’re in huge trouble because none of us have grilled before. We found a grilling video we hope will help, they make it seem easy enough and the instructions are really clear. Thanks again for some awesome random info. 🙂


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