You think Marmite has lost its might

It was way back in February 2007 when I first blogged about my suspicions that Marmite had lost its oomph but thanks to the wonders of the internet – the debate continues.
Now when I say debate, so far the ongoing conversation has been pretty one-sided – there’s plenty of you that believe that tea-time treat has lost some of its unique punch.
You’re certainly a keen-eyed lot. Alison Moore commented that: “I’ve just found a pot of Marmite I bought last year and compared it with a new one, and yes, the salt reduction programme has been implemented. The sodium level has gone down from 4.3% to 3.9% and maybe to compensate for this carbohydrate level has increased from 19.2% to a massive 24%, with sugar going up from o.5% to 1.1%.”
And brave if Marmiter’s experience of keeping food in the pantry for so long is anything to go by; “I have the proof Marmite has changed! I have an old jar that I keep at my mother-in-laws in Austria for when we visit. It has a best before date of March 03. It is pretty much black in colour, tastes far better with no nasty after-taste, spreads slightly firmer and is just the real Marmite taste.”
So, in support of commenter Beverly Fox’s efforts I’ve also been back onto those responsible for the brand (Unilever) in a bid to get the full ingredients list of now and then Marmite.
So far two unreturned calls to the press office.
I will persevere in tracking down the answer to this question of taste and if anyone out there has any further information – get in touch.
In the meantime please do carry on letting me know what you think of Marmite below.
Thanks to gierszewski for the mouthwatering picture on Flickr.