Friday fun: Just what would you do for an egg?

This week’s bit of Friday fun comes with thanks to allotment holders, chicken raisers and good-lifers everywhere, an attempt to establish the worth of that humblest of foodstuffs – the egg.
So what’s an egg worth to you?
Well if you’re looking at it from a nutritional point of view, the Poultry Site has all the answers. It says: “The egg is one of the most complete and versatile foods available and consists of about 10% shell, 58% white and 32% yolk.
Neither the colour of the shell nor that of the yolk affects the egg’s nutritive value. The average egg provides approximately 313 kilojoules of energy, of which 80% comes from the yolk.”
But surely the very symbol of the start of life is worth, more than just its component parts?
One man who certainly thinks so is my colleague Ben Hughes (or “Ben the Hen” as I have come to know him).
His chicken adventures as he attempts to live the good life are being featured every Friday in the MEN’s Greenlife pages.
His current pre-occupation is an abundance of eggs for which he is attempting to establish the true value by offering them as eco-swaps. So far offers of compost and tomato plants have been considered a reasonable exchange.
For those of us without land, an offer of cash didn’t go down too well and I notice in today’s paper that my pledge of a personal webpage designed for the price of five eggs a week until the job was finished was described as “the weirdest thing” he’s been offered!
Anyway, regardless of the spurning of the fruits of my labour, what would you offer in exchange for eggs for life?
Greenlife is also availble on Facebook, on Flickr and you can follow on Twitter.
Thanks to AND12 at Flickr for this picture.


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