Still no answer from Marmite

OK, I’m starting to get a bit grumpy now. Following the many complaints and comments about the taste of the squeezy Marmite, I’ve been attempting to get some answers.
First I called those responsible for the distinctive tea-time spread (Unilever). 1. voicemail. I left a message. 2nd voicemail. I left a message.
Nobody called me back.
Then I sent the following email;

” Hi
I write about food for the Manchester Evening News and recently blogged about the squeezy Marmite, asking users whether they thought it was different to the “old” Marmite we all know and love. The response has been remarkable with many comments and emails on the subject but all those responding agree – there is something sweeter about the current offering.
Could you provide us with some answers on this? Would it be possible to see the ingredients list of Marmite say, ten years ago, and Marmite now?
One user compared labels and found that salt levels have gone down (as your press officer said it would when asked last year) but that the carbohydrate level has increased from 19.2% to24%, with sugar going up from o.5% to 1.1%. Could you explain that to us?
If you want to follow the ongoing debate, please see here;
I look forward to receiving your response.

Guess what? Still no response.
I will continue.


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