‘Meat Sweats’: Only in America

I did consider saving this until tomorrow for a bit of Friday fun but then decided there’s no fun to be had here.
Taste, waste, health, entertainment, meat production, whatever. This is truly vile on any measure you want to use.
According to the BBC Today programme , American diners in Texas travel to a “restaurant” to attempt to much their way through 72oz steaks within one hour.
If eaten within that timeframe, this gargantuan piece of meat comes free.
Even more vile, the current record at the Big Texan Steak Ranch in Amarillo, Texas stands at 10 minutes.
And, if something CAN be even more vile, most people obviously give up (presumably wasting a large part of a cow which deserved a better fate) suffering from something called “meat sweats”.
The very thought makes me shudder.
The pictures and videos all have something in common – big, fat red-necked men. So, purely in the interests of journalistic research, I wondered whether any women would be stupid enough to partake of this nonsense.
Checking our their website (which includes a “watch live” option) the owners claim;
“About two women each year successfully eat the steak (About 50% of the women who try are successful. So about four or five women make the attempt each year.)”
I’m at a loss to know what to say to that. Speechless.


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