@ The Fish Hut, Manchester

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There’s only a few what you’d term ‘proper’ fish and chip shops in the brave new world that is now Manchester city centre and The Fish Hut in Liverpool Road is one of them.
The long-time lunchtime haunt of queuing construction workers and students has had a bit if a refurb and is now open for after work hours and on a Saturday.
If you need to have your takeout on a plate with knives and forks, there’s a small dining area on the first floor and there’s even some tables and chairs out front now (though the arrangement does require something of a balancing act).
The menu has been kept good and simple, puddings, pies, chips and gravy as well as the expected fish ‘n’.
Being a traditionalist I called in for some fish on a Friday – and don’t regret it.
Fish: Just a choice of cod or plaice but, who needs anything more? I approve, I like to know what it is too. These unidentified “fish” should be stopped. The cod was perfect, white as white can be and flaky. If I was looking to be critical I’d say the fillets are a tad on the small size but certainly just the right amount for me.
Batter: Well! I nearly resorted to expletives. Quite simply everything it should be. We had to wait about five minutes for the freshly fried fish to come out then it crunched with a bite that made that sound Heston Blumenthal presumably aims to achieve with his hungry headphones. OMG, what more can I say. A symphony of crispy crunchiness.
Chips: The Hut knows about crispness. A plentiful portion not greasy and fantastically free of those black bits which seem to be creeping in all over the place. On a return visit I’ll ask them to go a bit easier on the salt but the chips were sufficiently resistant to the vinegar.
Peas: Well there had to be a down point and this was it. Overly sweet and too mushy, these peas are nothing to shout about. The only other minus to what is an otherwise excellent fish and chip supper is the ridiculous tiny plastic forks which is about as successful as attempting to harpoon Moby Dick with suba gear. Please can we go back to the generous wooden ones?
Price: Two fish suppers, one with peas for less than a tenner and that’s in view of the Sky Bar where one glass of wine costs £12.
Verdict: Hit The Hut!
The Fish Hut is at 27 Liverpool Rd, Manchester, M3 4NW. 0161 839 0957‎


One thought on “@ The Fish Hut, Manchester

  1. We were there after visiting the science museum on 27th. December 2011.
    We ate in. Everything was just as described above: batter perfection and chips crisp and light brown, not like the grey, mushy things you get everywhere these days. The only downer was that there were no mushy peas on the menu!

    All the same this place is an Oasis in what has become a fish’n’chip-eater’s Sahara … and it’s great value at £6 each for cod, chips and a coke, eat in.


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