Half way round the world for food blogger

Fellow food blogger Robert Hamilton has now munched his way to the half way point in his remarkable journey round the world by cuisine.
When he started out, Robert ( “middle aged, middle class and growing midriff” ) aimed to create “a journal and food diary for reluctant tourists and lazy foodies like me.”
“The concept is that I eat in as many restaurants and cafes from different countries while staying more or less in the same city. Which is Manchester.”
And so this month he’s reached the half way point with the 40th eaterie being the Loch Fyne fish restaurant at the Olde Cock Inn at Didsbury where he toyed with some double entrendre while his companion toyed with her starter.
The series of blog postings has so far been an education into the huge variety of food styles available on the doorstep so I do hope he can continue all the way to the final count.
I’m with you all the way Robert!

How often do you do it?

Has the credit crunch become more of a debit munch for you? Are you eating out less than usual or is all this talk of cutting back nothing more than macaroni?
Looking at a recent online poll at www.ask500people.com, I see that a definat 30 per cent of people worldwide claimed they’d made no changes to their lifestyles.
But closer to home, I noticed the sales of M&S Dine in for £10 were going briskly when I gave them a try this weekend.
So I thought it time for a Manchester based survey to see just how often us city folk dine out. Please cast your vote below or let me know if you’re changing your habits because money’s tight.
How often do you eat out?
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Making some Great British sandwiches

I’ve seen those great TV ads for Hovis with the little boy running through the mists of time but I hadn’t realised until today that it’s all about a return of the little brown loaf.
The breadmaker is having a comeback celebration for the loaf 122 years after was first introduced in 1886 and as part of that celebrity chefs, Andrew Turner and Mark Hix, are creating bespoke ‘Great British Sandwiches’ as you can see on this video.

Bring out your veg

South Manchester is coming over all home-grown this autumn. Under the banner of Manchester Food and Drink Festival, The Chorlton Fringe is looking forward to showcasing the best produce and home-baked goodies around.
The Chorlton Roots & Fruits Competition is looking for entries of produce, cakes and jams which will judged on Saturday, October 11 in Chorlton Library
Check it out on www.chorltonfringe.com or download an entry form here.

Medieval cookbook going online

A 15th century cookbook by Richard II’s chef is soon going to be available online thanks to a digital project at the city’s John Rylands Library.
The Forme of Cury is a 600-year-old recipe book and includes recipes made with costly spices. “The ingredients were extremely expensive and beyond the income of the peasants and the middle classes,” John Hodgson keeper of manuscripts at the library told the BBC this morning.
Other items to be included in the project are the complete Canterbury Tales.
Fragile manuscripts at the University of Manchester’s library will be photographed with a high definition digital camera and the images will then be published on the web.
The project will begin in October and will be completed in 2009.
Listen to the full interview with Mr Hodgson here.

Taste Sensation ’08 at the weekend

News in from Cheshire – restaurants from across Trafford are going to be setting up kitchens at Altrincham Market this weekend for Taste Sensation ’08.
Organisers tell me it was a roaring success last year, so they will once again be serving up small portions of typical dishes that might feature on the local restaurant menus.
The idea is for people to be able to try flavours from a wide cross-section of stalls.
Flying the flag for British Food at the start of British Food Fortnight is Earle owned by celebrity chef Simon Rimmer, who will be taking a turn chefing on the stall during the day, and Altrincham’s gastro pub, The Victoria.
In addition, there’s plenty of other flavours to savour including; Caribbean, Indian, Middle Eastern, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Portuguese, and Greek.
Because this year’s event shares the date with Battle of Britain Sunday there also a 40’s theme for our entertainment – and, of course, spam fritters.
Call 0161 912 5931 to order a festival brochure or download a copy from www.atasteoftrafford.com where you will also find up to the minute news, food and drink features, and special offers.

Doing your dining on the box

The appetite for television food programming seems to know no bounds. With Masterchef on every night, The Hairy Bakers roaming the country, Gordon Ramsay seemingly on every night and the new series of The Restaurant getting underway last night, it seems us foodies are well catered for on the home entertainment front.
But is it all getting a bit wearing? How are you ever to produce your saffron pommes purées if you become more of a pomme de terre al sofa?
In these credit crunch days, maybe watching others dining out while staying in with a TV dinner on your lap is the new going out.
Let me know what you think and, if you are watching all available cooking coverage, which is your favourite. Please join the 499 other people who are taking part in this worldwide poll at the moment.
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