Come with me on a foodie adventure

Anyone dropping into this blog over the next few days is welcome to come with me on a foodie adventure to that magnet of chefs, gourmets and producers – Cornwall.
Yes, a week of lentils and sobriety in readiness of an exploration of Britain’s plentiful coastline comes to an end with a trip to Padstow.
Best known thanks to the efforts of celebrity chef Rick Stein (and, of course, the late Chalky the dog) the south west has become something of a haven for all that British food represents.
Not only has Mr Stein opened five eateries to satisfy demand but fellow celebrity chef Jamie Oliver opened one of his 15 restaurants in nearby Watergate Bay.
I’m also looking forward to seeing what less well-known food producers might have on offer too.
In preparation for my trip, I’d love to hear from anyone who has already experienced the delights of the town – or has any tips on what to avoid.
I’ve also been running the poll below to see what readers most want to read about as part of a general travel feature I’ll be doing at a later date. Please feel free to cast your own vote.
In the meantime, you’ll be able to follow the trip at this blog, on my twitterstream or at my Flickrstream.
I just hope what I find might change the mind of Ask500 people commenter plawler who said: “Having eaten food in the UK, I would have to say, everything except the food. ;o) “.
Perhaps we’ve still got a way to go to change the view of British food internationally. Fair or outdated? Do let me know.
Thanks to ennor of the Cornwall Flickr group for the lovely reflective picture.
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