You masterchefs of the north west

How about this menu for a feast of sensuous flavours and variety of styles?

Grilled Gravlax with spring salad new potatoes and mustard sauce

Hot Halloumi with Roasted Peppers

Garlic tiger prawns and asparagus served on toasted sour dough

Chinese Chicken Pies

Sea Bass to Die for

White Chocolate Cheesecake with Fresh Blueberry Sauce

Summer Pudding

No, it’s not some fancy new city restaurant that’s just opened up, this is what you’re eating at home apparently. These are the top recipes from the recipe site Foodari – as chosen by all you north west foodies.
The site’s Johathan Parker told me; “Such a diverse menu of recipes really demonstrates how sophisticated but also different peoples palates are. What’s more is that it is great that so many members are enjoying sharing and trying each other’s recommendations and therefore eating foods they may not have tried before”
All I can say is – can I come round yours for tea tonight?:


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