‘New superfoods’: Surprisingly like the old ordinary ones!

The 20 “superfoods” which lead to a longer life may contain a few indulgent surprises but on the whole are just the sorts of things we’ve known we should have been eating all along.
As widely “revealed” online today, fruit and veg is good for you and occassional treats such as chocolate and coffee all add to a good mix.
Well, well, who’d have believed that?!
After years of children being brought up to believe “an apple a day” and “eating your greens” was a sensible diet this devastating piece of research comes along to confirm the wisdom of that advice, adding that spinach, berries and plums are also good for you.
But just in case this revelation could lead to widespread confusion, I picked out the graphic below from the Daily Mail’s coverage of the 20 types of food and drink identified by Gary Williamson, professor of ‘functional foods’ at Leeds University to hekp you get through the day.
(Next week’s exclusive: Smoking is bad for you! You heard it here first).