Let them eat lobster! Plus did you cookalong with Gordon?

The eagle-eyed among users of this blog will have spotted less eating out than usual. That’s because I’ve been doing more eating in.
As everyone knows, dining in is the new dining out!
There’s been plenty of reports online about how people are foregoing restaurants for fast food and even that we’re all going to be celebrating Christmas with home-made paper hats and a fowl plucked from the garden shed.
But while it is noticeably quieter around the city’s restaurants at the moment (no figures that I can find to back this up, just an observation from experience at the moment) there’s always winners in these difficult economic times.
And the winners are……… the supermarkets.
So far I’ve tried out the M&S dine in for £10. I have to say it was a pretty good meal and the wine wasn’t half bad either (although the Trafford Centre branch had sold out of red before even midday on the Saturday I shopped for it).
A large pasta pasta dish of well seasoned and succulent prawns with linguine and peas which was particularly lemony and didn’t dry out at all in the oven, a good helping of vegetables and the sort of creamy panna cotta Marks has become favoured for was no hardship for an evening in good surroundings with good company.
I read today that a “lobster war” with budget supermarket Lidle serving up the luxury crustaceans for £3.99. Remarkable turn of events.
If this credit crunch continues along these lines we’ll all soon be sitting at home scoffing caviar and truffles.
For my part, I am this week going to give Tesco’s “Finest night in for £3” a try. Granted it looks on the face of it a struggle to compare the experience of, what was previously called a “ready meal”, with a restaurant experience but I’m prepared to give it a try. All in the interests of research of course.
There’s just one thing that mere pricing alone can’t deal with and that’s the washing up. Take note retail bosses, the supermarket to provide assistance in the quarter will be the victor of all.
* I was intending to blog this weekend about the new series of Gordon Ramsay’s cookalong (Friday night, Channel 4, 9pm. But somehow, the words fail me. If anyone can offer any explanation for Friday’s show, please do go ahead and post your best below. The Times had a good bash at covering it. Apparently a future show is also doing the three-courses for £10 gig so maybe I’ll give that a go too.


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