Roger rabbit and a change of scene for Red Chilli

Good to see that my favourite China town eaterie, Red Chilli has got a smart new look – and some new menu items to savour.
I once described the rather garish interior as “painted walls with geometric designs (which) give off a sort of Beijing Claris Cliff, art deco feel to the place”, but now a much more subdued colour scheme and bamboo styling makes it a far more restful experience.
But don’t worry, the menu is still as wild as ever. I sampled a new special “braised roger rabbit” and yes that is how it’s described on the menu!
I’m unsure whether it was the name if the deceased bunny or some Chinese reference point that I’m ignorantly unaware of – suggestions welcome below.
Names aside – it was mighty delicious, lean, hot and gingery with chucks of “roger” and succulent Chinese mushrooms.
Red Chilli can always be counted on to serve up something out of the ordinary but consistently good and well-priced and it’s new look gives a cosier more intimate feel.
It also seems to have become the restaurant critic’s darling – see these reviews;
The Guardian’s Jay Rayner: Magic dragon.
The Guardian’s Matthew Norman.
But I found it first – see my MEN review from 2005, now in the new City Life website.
Red Chilli is at 70 Portland Street, Manchester.


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