End in sight for Marmite recipe dispute?

Could it be that the great Marmite debate is about to be settled?
Regulars to this blog will know that the discussion about whether the tea-time favourite had changed its recipe has been rumbling on for almost two years now.
(I first blogged my suspicions of a sweeter, thinner recipe back in February 2007)
Since then it’s been the subject of many more posts and comments, but then this week, I received the comment below from the tireless Marmite investigator Beverly Fox.
She has been demanding some answers from manufacturers Unilever ever since and it seems has been finally rewarded for her efforts.
She said: “With the voucher sent to me by Peter Scott back in September, I bought a small pot of Marmite and was astounded to find it was exactly the same as the good old original product. Is there something odd going on with production? If, as I wrote in September, there had been an inferior batch which was withdrawn, why are people still writing about the problem. I’m still eating the small pot, but when it’s finished I shall buy another and let you know if it was as good. I have to say I was relieved and happy to have the old product at last. I hope it wasn’t just a one off!”
Come on Beverly buy the next pot soon ………..the end to this debate is in sight!


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