Friday Fun: Social site for tea drinkers

Does your office always argue over whose turn it is to make the tea? Then worry no more – a new social platform has launched to take the stress out of brew times. says it will make the decision for you.
Simply sign up, register your preference of drink strength on a scale of 0-5, number of sugars and preference of beverage and the power of web will rush you a welcome cuppa.
Well so it says.
Seeing as it’s Friday, I signed up and have even attempted to infiltrate the Manchester What If tea club of two members.
Still waiting un-refreshed though…………………………………
In reality it’s a bit of fun which could cheer some office workers by providing a virtual teapot to gather round while being a neat bit of marketing from a major milk manufacturer.


One thought on “Friday Fun: Social site for tea drinkers

  1. Trouble with that is there’s nothing, and I mean, NOTHING, worse than being frazzled at work, dying for a cuppa, and having someone say they’ll make you a brew, then not doing it. It can break your spirit just a little bit…


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