Welcome return of the Secret Lunch

It’s good to see fellow Manchester foodie blogger Secret Lunch back in business – and hungry for more.
So where’s he been hiding? A recent post explains: ” It’s been over a year though I’ve not been missing out on lunches, dinners or otherwise in the meantime… Just missing out on passing them around the gentle readers of this blog.
“A few recent encounters with fellow mancloggers though has given me the strength to pick up the ailing laptop and hit the keys. It’s all about transparency, let’s just damn well get it out there. Thanks folks.”
And so he has with the first stop being the mighty meaty restaurant Pra Brazil in the Northern Quarter which I’ve not yet got round to sampling myself despite having several recommendations (all admittedly from rather carnivorous men!)
So what’s the Secret Lunch verdict?
It seems he suffered some meat defeat but is willing to give it another go: “The fatal mistake to make is to think it’s like a Chinese buffet and load up your plate with heaps of stuff from the central counter. There are lovely stews there (melty oxtail mmmm) but by filling yourself too quickly there is the danger that you’ll miss out on the main event. It’s a drink and graze kind of place, not a big fat heap of food on your plate and stuff it all in job.”
Read the full review here.


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