Restaurant at 54 @ Glossop

It’s been some months since I mentioned this place opening up in Glossop .As is usual in these things, I’ve left it a while before doing a review, time for everything to settle down and become established, but I will confess to visiting several times in the interim.
And its easy to explain why – the food here is good.
This weekend’s drop in treat of a perfectly executed Barnsley chop exemplifies what I’m talking about.
There’s nothing fancy about it, just well cooked meat, the sort of chips you want to eat every last one and a buttery mushroom. There’s no silly garnish, no “jus” or “drizzle” – it’s just straightforward food cooked with attention to detail.
And it’s good value. The meal above was £6.95 and could easily grace a city centre gastro pub menu for double that price.
The restaurant is the latest enterprise from the people who used to run the Bull’s Head at Tintwistle – including the same chef – and it’s quickly built up a loyal clientele (a devotion supported by the enthusiastic comments my last posting on the place received).
The service is charming, friendly and attentive without being pushy and there’s a good selection of wines on offer, including by the glass.
So far so glowing then but, and there is a but, the venue is a little out of place.
It’s a High Street shop setting with an awkward space, both upstairs and down, with nothing of architectural note more than the wonder of those textured wall/ceiling coverings that were all the rage when…well, when people used to say “all the rage”!
The owners have made the best of it by keeping the decor clean and bight but still it’s the sort of food and welcome which would better suit roaring fires, country walks and frothy pints.
Not that I’d want them to move too far away though – Glossop might not be blessed with fine dining establishments but, thankfully, Restaurant at 54 raises the game.


One thought on “Restaurant at 54 @ Glossop

  1. I read both of Sarah’s reports on Restaurant 54 and decided to give it a try. On most of the comments I can agree, the food was excellent, well cooked, good presentation and served with style, the value of which I cannot fault with a glass of wine in the deal. The surroundings comments from Sarah I would like to disagree with I think it is a lovely space with dark wood tables and accessories contrasting the light decor, and as for the textured ceiling for me it didn’t deter from and enjoyable night in what I would consider a very, nice restaurant!


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