What Chinese bakers bake

Breads and cakes aren’t the first thing that spring to mind when thinking Chinese cuisine. There’s no expectation of a particular sort of bread with a meal or a dessert – well not with the type of meal we’re used to receiving in Chinese restaurants in this country.
So I’ve always been intrigued by the bakeries I often walk past in Manchester’s Chinatown and decided to go inside and see what’s on offer.
I ventured up the steps of the Wong Wong bakery in Princess Street and found the most amazing display of colourful gateau, a lot of it heavily laden with fruit, cakes decorated with dragons, cats and some cartoon-style creatures I didn’t even recognise.
And then there’s the savouries – baked rolls with all manner of filling from chicken stuffings to sausages. A lucky cat bun with chestnut stuffing looking particularly appealing!
Sadly the owners weren’t happy for me to take pictures (I didn’t even go there with a request for video!) so I had to make do with this leaflet showing the range of their wares.
You can get the idea of the vastness of the selection from this maybe, but I’d recommend a visit to get the full impact of the place – there’s also a little café area where you can sample the cakes by the slice and maybe enjoy a coconut black pearl milk tea.
Certainly a change from the uniform latte’s and muffins on every street corner in the city.
Wong Wong Bakery and Café is at 32 Princess Street, Manchester. 0161 228 1717.


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