Arctic Rolls return – it really must be Christmas

Raspberry_Arctic_Roll.jpgIt seems I am having MY moment! With all things retro coming into view thanks to this latest recession, my prayers have been answered. Not only have I made it into The Times of London village newsletter again today but Arctic Roll is making a comeback.
OK the mention of the Twitter stream that feeds from this blog in a national newspaper might not be that great shakes but ARCTIC ROLL??? Get in!!!
It’s almost two years since I first blogged about this delicacy of the 70s and what do I find in my inbox this morning? An email with the (OK rather shouty) subject line ARCTIC ROLL IS BACK AND BETTER THAN EVER BEFORE.
The release goes on to explain; “Back in the day when BMXs were cool and the Rubik Cube ruled, it was every kid’s favourite dessert – and now it’s back and better than ever. Birds Eye has updated its cult family dessert for the 21st Century, 47 years after it was first on sale, once again providing the ideal fun finishing touch to any family meal.”
Now, the alarm bells are ringing a bit over the words “updated”. Careful now Birds Eye, you may have taken the crusty old sailor out of the freezer, but don’t be messing with the rolls.
They’re not going to be back on the shelves nationwide until January but they tell me there’s samples on the way so Jon the Beef and I will surely be able to test them out and report back just as soon as they arrive.


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