What’s eating? Nigella

Just what is it with Nigella? Cheese, cheese and a bit more cheese judging by last night’s TV performance.
While much has been said elsewhere about her Christmas cleavage and wiggly wonderland of her particular seasonal presentational style,I watched last night’s mid-way episode of her BBC2 food porn fest agog – just how much stodge can the woman consume?
Firstly she passes off cheese on toast (OK it was a suitably posh version of that favourite after pub snack) as a supper treat for her guests.
Then she sets about a pitcher of espresso Martini’s which contained such generous measures they would delight even a 17-year-old binge-drinker.
Then she shovelled down buttery, sugary cake for afters and, as if that wasn’t enough, sat hogging a plate of FOUR “loaded” jackets (yet more full-strength cheese, crème fraiche and bacon) on her own in a seemingly private, quiet space after all the other guests had gone.
Loaded? I should cocoa!
Apart from fact the only presence of greenery for this fatty feast seemed to be some trimmings of chives, isn’t what’s on show here more like the behaviour of someone with an eating disorder than a festive treat?
I’m all for a Christmas pig out girl ,but this solo gorging seems at odds with sociable seasonal entertaining – and yes it has to be said that the less posh among us do often try a bit harder than stale baguette slathered in egg and cheese when we’ve got people round.
If you missed the episode and want to feel all cheesey, you can see it here. You won’t be alone as about 3m people are already at it. Remarkable.


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