So many Christmas dinners!

It seems as if everyone’s indulgences of the past few days have been well documented online across the world.
Amazing to see the pictures and comments going across the internet as so many people enjoy the Christmas holidays.
So I’ve picked out some pictures from the sharing site Twitpic which show the range of celebration meals enjoyed on the 25th – as you’ll see its not all turkey and trimmings.
If you had a really unusual Christmas lunch – let me know, or even better send in a picture.
A rice-based dinner from Happea artist
just made myself a late lunch of fried rice... on TwitPic
Flaming puddings from The Guardian’s KevGlobal (Kevin Anderson)
We not only set the Christmas pudding alight but the raisins ... on TwitPic
Lovely looking roast spuds from blogger Adders
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Unusual selection ftrom EnriqueRLopez
Share photos on twitter with Twitpic
Decorative table from Dave Mendez
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A shot of shoes to show how large a family attending is from Mike Lightman in New York
Xmas lunch at the in-laws. I present everyone's shoes, just t... on TwitPic
Cornet beef sandwich from Carlos Slim
Central only serves this for lunch. The corned beef is like t... on TwitPic
Lunch from the ski slopes from London’s Jayne Hilditch
Christmas lunch on the slopes... on TwitPic
A banquet which Megan Rose says was attacked like a plaque of locusts.
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and finally……….. a traditional turkey dinner from WN Greenway
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And what did I do? Well I had a fairly traditional dinner with chicken instead of turkey. My sister attempted to make custard for the pudding but, even so…. a lovely time was had by all 😉
my sister cant make custard on TwitPic
Next year, however, will be mine. The planning has already started………..


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