Hopes for Earth cafe done differently

Could there really be a glimmer of hope that Earth won’t close after all?
The MEN is today reporting that bosses of the Northern Quarter café are looking at all options.
Since I revealed last week that the vegan and vegetarian café situated in the basement of the Buddhist Centre is due to shut at the end of February, I’ve spoken to many disappointed diners.
Today’s news report offers some other options to keep the venture going and that can only be welcomed.
I certainly hope they are fully explored and that the centre can be kept open in readiness of less cash-strapped times. In the meantime, please feel free to add your support via the comments below.


One thought on “Hopes for Earth cafe done differently

  1. Worth considering that most cafes run on young, very low-paid short-term labour. Earth Cafe is not only a vegan cafe but is an ethically-run Buddhist spiritual project, where one of the products is the spiritual and material well-being of the staff. Making sure long-term staff are paid enough for a simple but sustainable living, with time off for retreats and team meetings, means extra financial pressure. Well done, Earthlings! You’ve done an amazing job for many years.


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