Another food blogger eats this city

It seems that new-on-the-scene foodie blogger Carolyn Hughes is a girl after my own heart!
The journo, blogger and PR person recently started up a food-biased blog which is setting out to prove that Manchester is Ace.
She says: “You won’t hear the dreaded phrase credit crunch (apart from just then!). Life goes on – we still want to go out, have fun, drink and eat – so let’s do it!”
The blog has been running for a couple of months and already contains a smorgasbord of good advice. To give you a flavour, one of her recent reviews has been the kebab shop Persian Tasty Grill in Levenshulme which she names as the best in all of Manchester after some extensive research via her partner.
She says: “I was introduced to these delights by my husband who has managed to convince me of their nutritional value, healing properties and all round goodness. He has been sampling the delights of kebabs all over South Manchester for around six years now.”
Never having partaken of the doner myself (yes I know it’s weird, but I just think they look like amputated limbs) I couldn’t possibly comment on the accuracy of this accolade.
However – you can, if you wish, help yourself via the comments below.
Good luck to you Carolyn, there’s too few of us foodie bloggers delving into the city’s delights, I hope your blog brings you as much reward as those kebabs.


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