Need a boot to kick-start that New Year resolve?

Regular readers of this blog will know that I usually pay short shrift to diets and dedicate this area of the blog to poke a little gentle fun at the silliest of excesses in that respect. But maybe my recent co-blogger jonthebeef’s example is rubbing off on me.
He’s been dieting for what seems like an eternity after his mum referred to him as “chunky”. No assurances that she possibly meant “hunky” would quiet his resolve.
I, on the other hand, have already pretty much failed on the booze and chocolate ban but I have kept to my resolution to excercise more.
And it’s the fitness bug that led me to meet Stuart Ness – he’s got some advice if your New Year’s resolution has likewise faded into the distance, the sofa is looming large and you’re thinking that perhaps something a bit more extreme then the shock of your gym bill to boot you into action.
Bring on Stuart – he’ll get you Squaddie Fit! Just listen to him in action on a cold, dark night – so dark you can’t even see him (maybe he’s wearing cam cream or whatever these soldier types do).

Yes, Stuart is a fitness trainer with a difference and he reckons his military inspired fitness regime can get that flab moving.
The 27-year-old has been doing this for the past seven years after leaving an army career.
I caught up with him first at his gym in Eccles’ Liverpool Road and then on a night time assignation to Cadishead Park where he was putting some of his “recruits” through their paces.
But, as you can see in this short interview, I get the feeling that his bark is perhaps a bit worse than his bite.

So they love being cold, wet and yelled at do they Stuart?
Well it seems they do – here’s two of them talking through the gloom of the park.

Contact Stuart via the Squaddie Fit website or on his mobile 07807 039 860 if you want the boot.


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