Lunch break: Bread and Butter

Bread and Butter is one of those places that lets you know you’re in Manchester. On the one hand it’s just a café – it sells sandwiches, cups of tea and homemade cakes but on the other it’s the epitome of the Northern Quarter vibe with its kitsch pink interior, vintage china tea cups and bakes with a twist.
Resisting the urge to buy a mammoth slice of the chocolate and Guinness cake (that’s the dark one you can see in the far side of the picture with the white topping) I sampled one of the savory dishes for a lunch-time snack.
A flatbread filled with oozing brie and cranberry sauce (£3.50) made an interesting hot change from the all too often a limp packet sandwich and the accompanying side salad and coleslaw was fresh and tasty.
The dainty cup of Earl Grey tea and, oh go on then, just a taste of that amazingly light cake was enough to put one in mind of croquet on the lawn and cucumber slices or some such thing!
The cakes are made on the premises – you’ll probably be witness to some muffin tray filling, beating or whisking while you’re enjoying one of those made earlier and leads to the whole experience being rather like visiting the front room of a dotty domestic goddess.
My Verdict: Bread and Butter is a feel good venue with straightforward good food and enough imagination to have that little extra.
Plus: Relaxed, unfussy but fun atmosphere and décor.
Minus: They only take cash. Be warned.
Value: Fair price for decent portions of freshly prepared (not of the cellophane-wrapped-chiller-cabinet variety) food. What more do you want from a café?

Bread and Butter is at Tib Street in the Northern Quarter – you will know it for its pinkness.


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