Couple of city centre credit crunch tips: New Samsi and Bluu

OK I have largely avoided too many “beat the crunch” posts until now but these two Manchester tips are worth a look. My reluctance to write about cheap food is that I don’t do cheap food.
By that, I don’t mean I never buy less expensive options because of course I do (just as skint as the next person) but what I mean is that I don’t go to a venue just because it is cheap.
No, I will go because it is good and if it also happens to be cheap then it’s double successful. So these two recommendations don’t skimp on food quality, service, surroundings or anything else but they are just incredibly good value.
First up the current 50 % off at Bluu in the Northern Quarter. Nice relaxed vibe, table service and quality fresh food of the mostly comfort food variety. What started as a January sale is now going to continue throughout February I’ve been told today.
When you can, as a group of us did yesterday, eat brunch and two rounds of soft drinks for five people for under £20…well! No wonder it was fairly well populated.
Secondly is a more permanent arrangement – the New Samsi ‘s new Spinningfields setting. Talking over the rather short-lived Yo! Sushi premises in the land of glass and chains, this might seem an unlikely choice but what great value noodles and sushi this local business is serving up.
A seafood ramen bursting with salmon and prawns, freshly prepared and wonderfully spiced is a perfect warming dish at any time but, for about £7? Fab and the veggie curries some in at under £5. Compared to its near competitor’s pricing, I predict it won’t take too long for people to venture just that little bit further and help warm up the rather isolated premises.


2 thoughts on “Couple of city centre credit crunch tips: New Samsi and Bluu

  1. Did New Samsi move from Regency House on Whitworth Street? Ouch, I was around there yesterday and failed to notice. Haven’t been in a while, can’t risk on raw food while wife is pregnant 😦
    Anyway, I wouldn’t put them in the same cateogry as Wagamama — W are not really a “japanese restaurant”. The Samsi restaurants have their defects (tempura is really too “brit”), but dishes are much closer to real JP food than whatever you find at W or Yo!Sushi. I still think New Samsi is the best JP restaurant in the entire GtrMan area, lone island in an ocean of Chinese-run fakers.
    (Plus, they give discounts to members of the Japanese NorthWest Society, so it’s even cheaper for hardcore JP lovers!)


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