Some advice if you are boozing with your curry

If, like me, you plan on indulging in a curry to warm you up this fine Saturday night then you’d do well to heed this advice from the 1950s when it comes to the question of alcohol.
“One is often asked, ‘what are the right wines to go with curries?’. In this, the ancient books give no guidance whatever…….Indians don’t usually drink while eating, for if curries are too pungent, liquid does little to assuage the burning pangs….
“Sherbet. After a meal, when betel, cardamom and a little paan have been chewed to clean the teeth, sweeten breath and aid digestion, guests usually sip glasses of sherbet.”
This helpful advice comes in the chapter called “What does one drink with curries?” in the 1955 Complete Book of Curries by Harvey Day. The chapters also include “The function of rice” and “Those alarming side dishes” all of which need to be read with suitable elocution I feel.
As the man concludes: “If you fancy a Guinness before, and a vintage port after your meal of curry and rice – and it agrees with you – then to perdition with the Food and Wine Society!”
And with that I wish you a good night out but please, do enjoy your sherbet responsibly!


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