Chinese restaurant’s neat tweets

If further proof was needed that Manchester has gone potty over Twitter – you’ll find the first UK restaurant to take to the micro-blogging platform serving up some virtual dim sum in the city.
Sweet Mandarin‘s Lisa Tse has started tweeting tips about Chinese food as well as offers and invites for the Northern Quarter eaterie after being persuaded to give it a go by a friends.
She says: “My journey into this scrappy world of 140 characters is thanks to my customers telling me about this MUST TRY social network. I responded “Look, I got Facebook, Myspace, Blog and a real life restaurant with hundreds of clients…what’s so good about Twitter?”
“They responded with such passion – “its instantaneous, its addictive and it gives us a chance to figure out how you fit it all in – a restaurant, a cookery school, a book, juggling your family and Lisa – you’re everywhere – HOW?!”. Their arguments roused my curiosity and struck so deeply into the psyche of me that I put aside my common sense (and time) and signed up. 400 followers and 200 tweets later, I’m hooked and I wear my heart on my sleeve. ”
So what do followers of @SweetMandarin receive? Here’s just two takeaways from yesterday;

“We load up on oat bran in the morn so we’ll live forever. Then we spend the rest of the day living like there’s no 2morrow! ”
“am daydreaming about making a snowflake broccoli…..with tiger prawns.. for my midnight snack…i obsess about food….feed me! feed me now”.

But it’s not all advice and whimsy, Lisa also takes part in conversations with interested participants around the world and is even planning to do some live tweets from the cookery classes she runs.
Lisa’s hosting the Sweet Mandarin Cookery School Tweet on 28 February 2009 10am UK time and proposes to tweet all through her cookery course answering questions as she takes us on her culinary journey from East to West.
I shall also be there – tweeting as we go of course @foodiesarah!
And she says the community which, together with her sisters, Lisa has built round the restaurant has strengthened thanks to Twitter. She says: “I want the next Manchester Tweet up to be hosted at Sweet Mandarin. I can’t wait to serve our dim sum and cocktails.”
Apart from the fact she has an uncanny knack of making you feel hungry around lunchtime if you’re stuck in front of your laptop for yet another deskbound sandwich, it’s an interesting use of social media taken to that most social of activities – eating together.


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