Pot-roast pheasant with celery and sage

Being off work (as I am this week) means more time to do some proper cooking. I gave this recipe a try last night – it’s very simple one-pot cooking and not the way I’d usually cook pheasant.
It works well – the strong sage and garlic flavours giving a robust background for the bird. I deviated from the published version by adding some carrots because I felt it needed some extra veg in order to be a true one-pot – after all man can not live by meat and spud alone how ever much the one in my house would like to give it a try!).
I also used olive oil instead of butter but whichever you decide, pheasant is generally so lean I don’t suppose the health police will call round.
There was just one problem with the final feast – hence the lack of pictures on this page – I could not work out a way to present it in an appealing way. The resulting dish ended up with a bit of leg here, some breast meat with chunks of potato and celery in a heap – AKA stew in a dish really.
So its a peasant style pheasant plate which in some ways is a shame because the lack of effort involved would make it a perfect prepare and leave alone dinner party dish. If anyone’s got any suggestions of how I could have dressed up the final servings – I’m listening.


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