The fat sandwich survey

So Tesco did indeed top them all – with the All Day Breakfast wedge you get a whopping 26.3g of fat!
During the week I’ve taken a look at the different sandwiches available in the best known outlets – everything from Boots to Eat via the supermarket stores.
It’s hard to understand how something as humble as the lunchtime quickie at the desk that we’ve all become accustomed to, can contain quite so much of everything, but that innocuous loaf filler is often hiding a large amount of your recommended daily allowance.
I did request more information on the Tesco “winning” wedge but, after two days, one phone call and two emails, the response wasn’t exactly over-stuffed: “the sandwich is adequately labelled on the website, outlining all of the GDA figures.”
So there you have it, you pays your money and takes your choice which is why checking the small print of the wrapping turns out to be so vital if you need to control your diet.
It was surprising to me to discover that some of the lowest fat options available are from the Subway chain which has choices on offer with less than 3g of fat – and Subway is also very upfront about all the nutritional information.
Juliette Kellow, the chain’s nutritionist, says, “By law, products that make a low-fat claim must contain no more than 3g of fat per 100g. Similarly, any product that claims to be low in saturated fat must have no more than 1.5g of fat per 100g.” All of the eight ‘Low Fat’ Subs meet these criteria.”
I’ve pulled together the results of the survey into this Dipty map. Click on a location balloon to see the supplier and details of the lower and high fat options available.

Sandwich survey on Dipity.

The conclusion I’ve come to is that similar products can contain vastly different levels of fat (and salt and sugar) for that matter, labelling is vital and, frankly, you’re better off with a DIY butty.
All the research material for this survey is available via the tag cloud. Thanks to the @foodiesarah followers for their participation.


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