Waste haters launch food loving initiative

chef Nutter on Twitpic Squashy tomatoes, stale bread and dried out cheese? These aren’t items to be condemned to the bin, they’re ingredients to start up a whole new dish according to top chef Andrew Nutter.

Addressing the launch of the Love Food Hate Waste initiative in Manchester this afternoon, Andrew showed an audience how becoming more thrifty could lead to exciting food while saving the pennies.

He said: “Just because that tomato is a bit squidgy doesn’t mean you have to throw it away – it’s all about having food knowledge.

“People often buy things in these ‘two for one’ offers that they’ve no chance of using. If you have too much of something, then freeze it, that’s what the freezer is for.”

During the event at Palace Hotel, Andrew gave a demonstration in which he created a romantic meal of seared salmon with a rarebit topping and then turned it onto a fishcake. (Recipes for this and other leftover makeovers here).

See him in action via this video.

The demonstration kicked off the national campaign which sets out to help consumers cut back on the £10bn worth of food thrown out from UK homes each year.

But the problem doesn’t just lie with individuals and Manchester’s Lord Mayor Cllr Mavis Smitheman pointed out.

Resplendent in her red hair for St George’s Day she revealed that the city council would be reviewing its policies on food waste.
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She said: “We are going to address what the city council do. We have all got a duty, and not just in our personal lives but in our work places, to address this issue.”

Love Food Hate Waste also announced its sponsorship of the Manchester Food and Drink Festival which will run in the city from October 1- 12.

Festival director Siobhan Hanley said: “We’re excited about our new partnership with Love Food Hate Waste as it ties in so well with our major theme this year of sustainability and our own aims to become a more environmentally aware organisation.”

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