New pub opened in Old Glossop

01052009187A Bank Holiday treat this weekend – a new local pub, The Wheatsheaf, opened on Friday. Now when I say new, that’s not entirely correct as this pub has been up near the Church for so long it was even featured in the local paper’s memories page this week.

It’s a traditional stone built Derbyshire inn had most recently been trading as a (v nasty) Greek Taverna.

In these days of nearly 30 UK  pub closures every week it’s a welcome sight and means there’s now a choice of three pubs for us few hundred villagers.

The interior has been given an overhaul with freshly painted walls, new flooring and smart furnishings as well as feature fireplaces.

They’ll soon be serving a full menu of the steak and grills variety but, for now, they’re offering some pleasingly fresh sandwiches, jackets and the like as bar snacks while they get going.

The landlords Bob and Irene Skupham say trade has exceeded expectations so far so good luck to them for the future!


14 thoughts on “New pub opened in Old Glossop

  1. Sarah

    A very good description and write up.

    One of the Wheatsheaf’s traditions was a Sunday afternoon meat draw.

    It was very fitting therefore, that Bob and Irene supported a Cod draw over the weekend, to raise money for a trip to Wembly for the Old Folk’s Cornmill residential home.



  2. Good luck to the Wheatsheaf . I hope they do well in the current climate ….it is very brave to open a new business ! I take exception however to you describing the Greek Taverna as “V.NASTY”. It was on of the most authenic greek restaurants I had ever been to and Yiannis and Diana always made you feel very welcome . The food and ambience were always top notch . I for one will sadly miss “The Greek Taverna” ! In fact I recently read that the taverna had received an award for the quality of its food in the Glossop chronicle !
    Cheere Neil


    1. Hi Neil, glad to hear you had good experiences at the Greek. My two visits (a second just to make sure) were not good – burnt meat, tinned beans for starters and horrendously loud, corny Greek music on a loop that made you want to throw yourself off the nearest table top. As for authentic – chips and rice??? Shame because it was very near to where we used to live and we longed for it to be more like the Greek restaurants of travels (or even Manchester).


  3. I will check it out: I completely agree, though, about the Taverna. As a veggie I ended up with dolmadis (ie. stuffed with rice) & rice & chips!!!! I couldn’t finish my beer, as it was all swelling up inside me. Not yet been to the pub, but it is selling Howard Town beer on draught, which in itself is reason alone. Now, if they happen to show City games on the box…..


  4. Just to let you foodies know that the Wheatsheaf now has a traditional ‘Steakhouse’ menu being served Wed – Sat with local beer being used in our home made ‘Dark Peak Ale and Steak Pie’ and now local ‘Wild Boar’ gammon and sausage. We are getting busier and busier….what recession?….so ring us first and we can advise you of our specials and perhaps the best times to get a table and a big thankyou to all the village and customers who have given us a fantastic first 6 months.
    Oh..Dan..we do have the City matches on….I will introduce you to Ken…Citys other supporter!.


  5. Great pub. Thank god that disgusting “Greek Taverna” (I use the term lightly but won’t go on one about how awful it was) has gone!

    It’s nice to get one of Glossop’s traditional pubs back.


  6. we have known Bob for a number of years now in fact he was a neighbour of ours. We would just like to say how much we enjoyed our meal at theWheatsheaf. (especially the proper home made chips)(although I hope my slimming world consultant doesn’t read this page!!) Afterwards there was a fun but very friendly quiz provided by Sarah of the local Praze shop. I’m pleased that the Wheatsheaf is successful and may it continue to be so.Bob and Irene’s tireless hard graft, with help from their daughters and the staff have made the Wheatsheaf into a very warm and welcoming hostelry.


  7. Nice little pub now, nice people. I hope it works well for them.

    How anyone can defend the Greek is beyond me. Perhaps there experience was limited to Benitses or Malia. It really was terrible.

    Good luck to Bob and Irene.


  8. Despite the fact I moved away from the village years ago, this is still my ‘local’ and delighted to be able to go back.
    Real beer, real people


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