The biggest veggie breakfast treat in Manchester?

National Vegetarian Week is upon us once more – a time for the non-carnivorous to celebrate all that’s good and green and fresh.

Or perhaps not.

Veggies like a blow out as good as the next meat-eater as I discovered in a recent visit to the Eighth Day in Oxford Road.

Expecting an establishment of pale student types (well this is just about on-campus) ordering up a Fairtrade fix, it was a bit of a surprise to join the breakfast 9am queue of suited and booted middle management types vying for a fry up.

I opted for the innocuous sounding veggie sausage sandwich and was faced with this monster!

Belly buster!
Belly buster!

Juicy non-meat bangers nestling into thick doorstops of moist, light wholemeal bread. It was just the ticket with a huge mug of tea although I would ask for it unbuttered if I ever repeat the experience!

And yes, you do get organic brown sauce.

It’s a shame Manchester hasn’t got more vegetarian eateries – obviously there’s Earth in the city centre and then there’s Greens in Didsbury at the upper end of the dining experience.

I thoroughly enjoyed a special meal there not so long ago but I notice that ManCon’s Ruth Allen didn’t find it quite so tasty on her trip out to mark the week.

Still, there’s a few more days to go, so here’s what’s going on across the north west if you fancy giving the V to meat.


4 thoughts on “The biggest veggie breakfast treat in Manchester?

  1. Do you really think that “it’s a shame Manchester hasn’t got more vegetarian eateries”? I actually find their number higher than I’d expect from a city of this size 🙂 especially if you take into account the (quite high) average quality.
    In fairness, I find the local “veggie” scene to be more original and vibrant than the meat-enhanced one… which, considering my carnivorous appetites, is quite a shame.


  2. Giacomo- come over to the dark side of being a veggie. Beans and pulses….beans and pulses…..beans and pulses! Sarah- as a veggie I enjoyed the article- thank you! I feel that there are some cracking restaurants for veggies but they are off the beaten track. I think I’m going to write up the top 10 veggie restaurants in town, but in the meantime I want to recommend my favourite. It’s a delightful shabby veggie restaurant in a falling down terraced house in Rusholme called the Greenhouse. I’ve written a review about it on freedoma here

    It’s hidden away, but so delicious and needs to stay alive! Thanks- Caleb


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