links for 2009-06-01

  • River Cottage Canteen in Bath was recently chewed up and spat out by Jasper Gerard, a restaurant critic. “Pile it high with warm slogans and serve it expensive . . .” was one of Gerard’s more waspish comments.

    “Well, critics need a story,” says Fearnley-Whittingstall, refusing to be goaded. He’s so nice, but why doesn’t he forget about teaching people how to build bread ovens and get his fingernails really dirty – like his fellow chef Jamie Oliver, who dared to confront mums who fed their children junk food, and tried to convert the vast chunks of the population who have neither the budget nor the knowledge to prepare tasty, healthy meals?

    “You can’t reach the unreachable,” is Fearnley-Whitting-stall’s rather astonishing response.

  • If your dad’s a dab hand in the kitchen, a butchery course would be right up his street. hmmmm…….personally not too sure on this one, but here are some other dad’s day offers which might appeal.

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