Bloggers have chef James Martin licked at #LLF

If you could lick this TV chef, what do you think he would taste like?

Chef James Martin drawing a lobster for @CultureVulture
Chef James Martin drawing a lobster for @CultureVulture

That was the question (from the intrepid Katie of LeedsGrub) which rounded off today’s “bloggers conference”, held to launch the Leeds Loves Food festival in the city.

The organisers took a refreshingly different approach to letting people know about this festival, inviting prominent Yorkshire bloggers along for interviews and access.

It was a fun session – and one which resulted in a different set of questions than those which might be expected from journalists at a bog-standard press conference.

Here’s a flavour;

Q. How do you define being a celebrity?

A. Said he doesn’t consider himself a celebrity – that’s a term others apply and then revealed the difficulty he has with TV presenting due to his dyslexia: “It’s not like we are trained for it, like a presenter’s job. I’m as dyslexic as hell so reading the autocue is a nightmare.”

Q: Food hell and heaven?

A: Heaven is smoked haddock while hell is horseradish. Apparently he hates the stuff.

Q: I asked him what can be done to promote Yorkshire’s food reputation.

A: “We are renowned for great ingredients, some of the best in the world, so all we can do is really show people what they have on their doorstep. I don’t want to go to Thailand and cook a tree rat, I want people to understand what’s on their doorsteps. Everything has its time and now British food is having its time.”

During the session he also recommended some local suppliers – Betty’s, Trenchers Fish and Chips in Whitby and ‘the best lamb in the world’ from Skipton’s Colin Robinson.

Being a high-profile petrolhead, he also answered some car related points which you view on my Qik stream.

But the food was the point of the appearance andJames left the blog gathering and headed off to cook some of that local lamb for 1,100 people.

Which just leaves the question of chef tastiness – so, for the record, Mr Martin tastes of sweat, Christian Dior and mackeral – so he said.

Note: No chefs were subjected to unwanted licking during this blog conference.

Bloggers preparing to grill chef Martin
Bloggers preparing to grill chef Martin

One thought on “Bloggers have chef James Martin licked at #LLF

  1. Mmmm, that’s old mackarel fingers himself creating a quite fantastic lobster for our travelling moleskine (that’s the name of a sketch/notebook favoured by Picasso, Hemmingway, Van Gogh) It really is a pretty good picture! (and the sketch aint so bad either)


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