See a book? Pick it up and cook

Monica: 1st to cookIt seems there’s something about social media and baking that goes together like, well, cup and cake.

First some of us Social Media Cafe Manchester devotees were musing about donating everything from twiscuits and ning doughnuts to geekcups, to put some extra sweetness into future meetings, and then Leeds tweeters were urged to run off with a cookbook to get baking.

Emma from the Culture Vulture got this particular bookcrossing style episode underway by leaving the lovely hardbook edition of Harry Eastwood’s Red Velvet and Chocolate Heartache lying in a deckchair, unattended.

And there it stayed – yes the good people of Leeds far too shy or honest to dive in and claim it for themselves!

It was soon given a helping hand to set off thanks to Tweet up organiser Monica Tailor who is expecting to bake up the carrot cake recipe before leaving the book to inspire somewhere else.

So if you see a copy of this lovely book just kicking about – pick it up and cook!

There are instructions inside for anyone who may encounter it – fascinating to see where all this might end!


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