A new Yorkshire tea brand gets poured for mad hatters

Where's the party?
Where's the party?

Tea, truly is the best drink of the day as far as I’m concerned, so to discover a new brand being made on the doorstep is an exciting find indeed.

Mad Hatter Tea has just arrived in the Richmond town centre Cross View Tea Rooms where I was able to sample a “taste of wonderland” for myself this week.

The website for this small North Yorkshire company says it “simply revives the spirit, enriches the mood
and adds peppiness and cheerfulness to the substance of life.”

Quite a promise although I believe all the references to Alice’s famous tea party has more to do with Lewis Carroll’s links with the town rather than any claims for the brew to induce dream-like experiences!

Being a confirmed Yorkshire Tea consumer I prefer a strong cuppa and the Mad Hatter is certainly not wimpy. A rich, strong colour and taste but with a brighter notes, something of a lighter edge to it.

It was refreshing stuff – perfect for raising a cup in celebration of today’s Yorkshire Day!

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