20 different cuisines in one day of Leeds eating

How many different cuisines would you expect to find in the average UK city?

OK you’d expect to find various European and Asian options but what about Ethiopian or Cuban?

Intrepid food blogger Katie of LeedsGrub has come up with restaurants dishing up dinners from 20 different countries and is soon to embark on a voyage of foodie discovery by visiting each of them – in one day.

On the Facebook page for the venture, she explains why a small and determined group are taking this worldly challenge:

“Our challenge will take the form of an around the world backpacking tour where we visit the restaurants of Leeds and Bradford sampling cuisine from a huge range of international specialities. The rules are that we have to eat or drink one thing in each one of the 20 restaurants we hope to visit!

“We think you might be surprised and delighted at just how many different nationalities and cultures are represented in the restaurants around town!”

And I think she’s probably right – just see the itinerary penned so far which I’ve posted on the bottom of this page to see the wide range.

But this feat won’t be carried out for gluttony’s sake alone – the group will also be raising cash for the charity The Smile Train which provides free surgery for children with cleft  palates.

Donate here;  http://www.justgiving.com/homefortea/

By Land, Air and Sea but Still Home for Tea! takes place on Thursday, September, 17. For updates about the event and to see what happens on the day follow @headingthere @culturevultures and @leedsgrub on twitter.

Provisional Itinerary, subject to revision:

Start 10am ease into it gently with coffee and croissants:
Ditsch, Commercial St (Germany)
Café Rouge (France)
Casa Mia (Italy)

Ditsch, Commercial St (Germany)
Merkato, Merrion Market (Ethiopia)

Saffran (Iran)
Ephesus Mangal (Turkey)

Then we hope to hop on the Trans Siberian Railway to…
(or the 12.37 to Sowerby Bridge)
The Russian Restaurant, Bradford (Russia)
Temujin, Sowerby Bridge (Mongolia)

Chinese Restaurant TBA
Pakistani Restaurant TBA (Prob do these in Bradford)

By this time it will prob be about 5.30pm
Hansas Guajarati (India)
Thai Cottage (Thailand)
Sesame (Japan)
Tampopo (The rest of SE Asia)

Walkabout (Australia)
River Plate (Argentina)
Las Iguanas (South America)
Sandinista *Confirmed*(Cuba/Latin America)

Salsa Mexicana *Confirmed* (Mexico)
Dutch Pot (Caribbean)

Prohibition (North America)


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