The best gravy – who’d have thought

This story seems to be getting plenty mileage on UK newspaper websites today – How to make the best gravy……according to scientists.

I’ll save you the click;

The Royal Society of Chemistry found the ideal mix was juice from a beef joint and leftover water from boiled cabbage.

Well I never!

Who thinks up these research questions – and perhaps more importantly, why?

Although the RSC sounds like a very serious scientific body, its blog post on the subject today reveals that this gravy discovery;

“….. follows the success of last year’s ideal Yorkshire puddings (popovers to our American friends) – and the decree that they cannot be named so unless they rise to four inches or higher.”


2 thoughts on “The best gravy – who’d have thought

  1. Hi Sarah,

    The Mirror missed the important bit – we’re recommending a dollop of soy sauce as the killer addition to gravy. Full recipe is in the blog post.

    2009 is the RSC’s “Food Year” – much of what we’re doing is concentrating on food science and other food-related issues.

    We have many very serious initiatives going on regarding food – for example a report on food science launched early in the year and an upcoming talk named “Can we feed nine billion?”, referring to the estimated global population in 2050.

    But to balance it off, it’s important to have a bit of fun with Yorkshires and gravy 🙂


    Royal Society of Chemistry


    1. Hi Jon, thanks for explaining about the food year. Found your site fascinating – can’t wait to see the results of the ‘you’ve been framed’ spiders and conkers event!


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