Five New Year’s resolutions for foodies

New Year’s Resolutions don’t work. Everyone knows so and last week a study proved it . But, as I reflect on the fact that another year has started and I’m still unable to speak Mandarin (or Italian, or Spanish), I’m thinking that maybe the failure rate is in part because resolutions are very personally focused, made around our own inadequacies or based on those niggling guilty areas – exercise, sensible diet, drinking, smoking etc.

Perhaps it’s time for change in the approach, so in the spirit of the new decade, how about resolutions which are based around collective effort?

Here’s five resolutions around food which are easily achievable on an individual basis, but which would have a far greater impact if adopted by a group.

  1. Grow something edible.
    Anything really. Even growing a pot of herbs in the kitchen means one less trip to the shops and a better taste than dried.
  2. Cut down on meat.
    Not just for the sake of personal health, but also because a reduced demand would go some way towards cutting the UK’s carbon emissions, according to the latest reports on this issue.
  3. Support the free range movement.
    If meat becomes a weekly treat, the cost of free-range or organic is less prohibitive. The Chicken Out campaign  started following the television series of the same name has already got almost 17,000 supporters and sends out regular newsletters about the cause.
  4. Get fussy about fish.
    According to the UNFAO, about 70 per cent of our global fisheries are now being fished close to, already at, or beyond their capacity. – The Earth’s Carrying Capacity – Bruce Sundquist.Find out if your fillet is sustainable via the website which also rates fish restaurants on their sustainability
  5. Cut down on waste.
    Throwing away a third of the food we buy is clearly a waste of time and money. Making tasty meals with leftovers and buying less to start with are a start but the website has plenty of inspiring ways to help cut waste too.

What do you think, of this list? Any more resolutions that should be on it? Let me know through the comments below , and here’s to a happy, foodie 2010!


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