Chocs away for Valentine’s, sleeksters

At least winter gives chocoholics the chance to indulge. After the gawdy wrappings of the Christmas pile-it-high variety packs, Valentine’s Day signals a fresh chance to get serious with those chocs.

And this Hotel Chocolat selection is one serious box of excuse to indulge with a loved a one.

The Sleekster Season of Love Selection box is made for sharing – look at the size of it for a start.

Inside, these are adults-only territory with many a tipple to be sampled. But we’re not talking a gritty globule of spirit hiding inside, these truffles are whipped to a blended frenzy.

There’s girly fluffy concoctions such as the impossibly light white chocolate encased Cosmopolitian with its vodka, orange liqueur, cranberry, orange and lime truffle centre.

But there’s also some more robust flavours – a dark chocolate blended with chilli which even the most macho man won’t mind picking out its sweetheart shape to try.

My personal favourite, being a dark chocolate fan, was the raspberry and prosecco heart – a truly divine ganache with raspberry juice, Prosecco di Grappa and raspberry liqueur.

In all there’s different 15 chocs featured in different multiples for that shared moment, should you decide to be that generous.

It’s a beautiful selection with the only thing that struck me a slightly incongruous being the ‘sleekster’ name. Maybe it’s just me, but I always think the addition of “ster” to a word belongs in the land of the TV sit-com.

It brought to mind Smithy handing over a selection box to Nessa in a tender moment on Gavin and Stacey, or even Ricky Gervais describing his own post-diet figure to colleagues in The Office!

But that’s a small diversion from the whole experience of sophistication which the generous box provides.

Roll on February chocolate lovers – the sleekster is here!

* The Hotel Chocolat Sleekster Season of Love Selection is available here for £19.50.

NOTE: The chocolates sampled here were provided free of charge for review purposes.


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