@ Nash’s, Leeds

Famous name: Jon Pertwee

I’ve no way of knowing what sort of mood he was in when he scribbled on the very full wall of fame inside this popular city centre restaurant, but I most definitely had my proper fish and chip head on when I visited for lunch recently.

Found up a dark wood staircase, this place has been serving up to appreciative diners forever, but at some stage between my last visit many years ago with one of the city’s students, and this recent visit, Nash’s (catch phrase “nobody does it batter”) has had quite a refurb and now sports an interior decor which black chandeliers and comfortable seating.

On with the food. Here’s what I found:

A proper plateful

Batter: Light and crunchy just as it should be – and not waiting for the fish to grow into it either. No super dense end bit disguising the size of the fish because there’s no need, the portion was just enough.

Fish: I had their traditional haddock. They do offer plenty of other stuff (see menu here) but the trad meal is the haddock and it was a well-cooked plentiful portion although I did spy that an extra large version is also offered.

Chips: As you’d want them to be. Plentiful, a good crisp outside and fluffy inside and black pots on the spuds. Perfectly resistant to the clinging globules of vinegar a good shake showers tem with.

Peas: Served separately but included in the price of the traditional meal these were good and properly dullish in colour. Hot and puddingy.

Tartare: Again served separately and a good helping of the homemade variety.

And all main courses are served with a slice of bread & butter and a pot of tea or coffee included with the price and there’s a bar if something a little stronger’s required.

Verdict: It’s still a family-run business (as it has been for more than 80 years) and has managed to retain that feel about it with relaxed service and unpretentious¬† value for money. Just what The Doctor ordered! Quite possibly.

Nash’s is at 102 Harrogate Rd, Chapel Allerton, Leeds, LS7 4LZ Tel: 0113 262 2015 Email: enquiries@originalnashs.co.uk

Update: The city centre Nash’s (where the Pertwee signature is) is at the city centre branch. http://www.nashsfishandchips.com/ (HT Leeds Grub for pointing out the two places).


4 thoughts on “@ Nash’s, Leeds

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  2. Sounds like you went to 17 Merrion Street, LS2 8JE telephone 0113 285 5960, email: reservations@nashsfishandchips.com website http://www.nashfishandchips.com

    The 2 have different owners, no doubt both very good. Merrion Street opened in 1923 but closed about 4 years ago… NOW it has re-opened under new ownership, the restaurant has been fully and lovingly restored as has the takeaway. It has all the quirky orginal features that you have mentioned in your review.

    I’ve got to declare an intrest as my friends work there.


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