100 days, 100 chocolate bars

Here’s a tasty venture I came across on my travels – a mission to create 100 new chocolate bars in as many days which anyone can join in with.

Every day, chocolate designer Sandra Colamartino comes up with a different look and feel for a bar;

“Some days may be better than others, but keep an eye on us and some days we may create a bar that will hit the spot with you.”

It’s a simple idea and one that allows Chocolate Library founder Sandra to explore her love of typography. We’re currently at day 11 which reads;

“Happiness is the only good. The time to be happy is now. The place to be happy is here. The way to be happy is to make others so.”

A fitting enough tribute for any chocoholic maybe,  but the wording was apparently inspired by a conversation with humanist celebrant Tim Maguire.

I bumped into Sandra, a design and publishing expert, at an event in Edinburgh where she told me how her business has developed since starting in 2007.

The clean lines of the designs and Sandra’s passionate approach to chocolate appealed to me and I’ve since spotted that it’s possible to have a completely individualised chocolate designed plus you can submit your own ideas to the project as Sandra explains;

“If you have an idea for a bar- email your ideas using the contact page. If your bar is chosen as Bar of the Day, free chocolate is coming your way and you will get a full credit on the website.”

Curry change at Bull’s Head, Old Glossop

Made a flying visit to Old Glossop last week and what do I find? All change.

The village with three pubs is down to two with a sign pasted on the door of the Queen’s Arms saying it’s closed due to fire. Don’t know why and don’t know when it will re-open – nothing in the local papers about it and no-one around the locked and dark place to ask.

But the bigger change is the new Indian restaurant at The Bull’s Head – and no more ‘memory man’ Mamood.

Mamood (and I apologise if the spelling isn’t right) was an institution and known far and wide for his amazing ability to remember exactly what customers liked to order – and how they liked their food prepared.

We’d got so used to having individualised Indian food – extra ginger in the daal, more chilli for our macho friend, lassi with slightly less sugar – that eating anywhere else felt like eating processed food. (Something I’ve previously blogged about here).

Lamb Handi
New food

The new broom comes courtesy of Longsight’s Lazeeza. After the shock of the new we tried out the lamb handi (very rustic preparation style of lamb on the bone with a robust spicy tomato sauce), daal (which was sadly very salty), mushroom rice and chapati (good bread, no ‘wet flannels’!).

The old place has been given a much-needed re-furb with curtains, a lick of paint and fresh flowers brightening up what could previously be quite a dingy back room.

It’s a good new menu, a friendly greeting and a pleasing environment, so I wish the new management all the best in their endeavours, even if Mamood’s particular attention to customer service will be a hard act to follow.