Taste test: SnackaDoodle and ChippidyDooDaa

In my continued exploration of edible cardboard, I have this week braved SnackaDoodle and ChippidyDooDaa.

As previous taste tests have also shown, products claiming to be ‘crisps’ but which don’t contain that one vital ingredient – potato – haven’t fared that well in the past with me.

But I did recently meet a woman who claimed that those Snack-A-Jack things didn’t taste like packing boxes after all so I was spurred on to try again. (Then again, she was pregnant so I credit cravings for brown paper packages tied up with string for that one.)

Anyway, back to the product test in hand after being sent some samples from the very nice people at Warburtons. First up – what is it with these names? SnackaDoodle & ChippidyDooDaa?

How daft’s that? But still, they have nice graphics of chucks or cats on the packs. Not quite sure why though…..

And they don’t pretend to be crisps, going instead for the term wrongly favoured by our American cousins – chips.

Both products came out of the packets very bitty – apologies to makers Warburtons if that was because they hadn’t travelled well but, as all the bags were the same, I’m guessing this is how they were intended. Think a packet of Doritos placed under a demolition ball.

On the taste front, the ‘wholegrain snacks’ (SnackaDoodle) are very light and the flavours quite strong. When I say ‘light’, think rice biscuit or similar – a nice taste but nothing very filling although it is just 84 calories. Plus you could probably burn up a few hundred more tracking down all the bits and crumbs.

The ChippidyDoodaa originate from pitta bread so I expected something that might be a good dipper. Indeed they were supplied with a pot of salsa to try out. They were passable purveyors of dip but again, not so satisfying.

As another blogger Stephen Newton summed up; “Walker’s can rest easy”.

SnackaDoodle’s come in chedder cheese and onion or sweet chilli flavours, ChippidyDoodaa as cheese, chilli or salt and vinegar.

Have you tried these out? Let me know what you thought below.


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