Mapped: Northern Food Bloggers

There’s quite a few of us now! In an attempt to keep track of some of the food blog I follow from across the north of England I’ve plotted them on a Google map which you can see here;

If you belong on this map, or any of the details are incorrect, please let me know in the comments field below.

Also, you might be interested in this Northern Food Bloggers group which has started as a sub group of the UK Food Bloggers Association.


32 thoughts on “Mapped: Northern Food Bloggers

  1. Great blog post idea! I’m also a Northern Blogger from Manchester, can I come on board?
    Also, I run an Indian Supperclub in Manchester twice a month so if any fellow Mancunian bloggers would like to join us, we’d love to have you šŸ™‚ (address below).



  2. Hi Sarah,
    I write a North West food, producers and drinks blog – can you add me to the list too? I cover the whole of the North West but am based near Manchester if you need somewhere to stick a dot on for me?
    I’m also on twitter as @northwestnosh.
    Thanks very much Sx


  3. Hi Sarah,
    please can I join your map. I’m sort of blogging from all over the place, but generally in the North and Manchester based at the moment.

    Great blog, been reading for a while.




  4. Hello there, love this idea!

    We blog literally north and south of the country. Mister North mainly covers Manchester, West Yorkshire and a midge of Leeds while I’m in London. Hopefully we can still join in?


  5. My wife and I went to the Winston Churchill in Bamford, Rochdale yesterday. It was busy as it was a Bank holiday. The service was very slow – half an hour between ordering a cheeseburger and it arriving. It had obviously been hanging around for some time, the burger was dry and crispy and the chips had obviously had a previous life. It was poor. I brought it home and fed it to the birds – I didn’t have enough time to complain and argue – it was rubbish. McDonalds is better and cheaper. The salad was OK but that didn’t save the day. I have never had such a bad pub meal in my life. If you have any sense avoid this pub.
    Never again,
    Dr. Tom Paterson


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