Please Jamie, can we have some more (time)?

Seems Jamie Oliver is causing a bit of a stir with Christmas cookbook readers accusing him of poor timekeeping.

His bestselling 30-Minute Meals might have been top of the stocking list, but should more properly have been named One Hour Meals according to those who’ve attempted the recipes.

Amazon reviewers certainly are in no doubt;

“Unfortunately I received 2 copies this Christmas and both are being returned. I think Jamie’s great but this book has done him no credit at all. The recipes can not be made in 30 minutes. And many are extremely expensive too. Avoid!”P. Gedge.

“I’ve tried 5 recipes and enjoyed everyone, especially the Jerk Chicken. Only negative point is that 30 minutes is wishful thinking, I cook quite a lot and so know my way around the kitchen and am averaging about 45-50 minutes.”Steve.

“Last night I cooked the Piri Piri Chicken and, in spite of being an experienced and competent cook, it took me more than an hour, just for the one course. Most of the time was spent in trying to work out which bits I should be following and the absence of any timings for some procedures.”Mrs Janet Parr

……..and so on it goes with some of Jamies’ fans wading in to defend the new style cookbook and point out that the amount of time taken doesn’t matter too much.

Being a bit of a slow food fan myself I’d have to agree that there’s no need to rush for good food but, in this particular case, it’s easy to appreciate the upset as the whole USP of the book would appear to be around convenience.

Time undoubtedly = money for a busy celeb like Jamie and with more than one million copies rung through the tills already, that’s quite a lot of half hours he’s clocked up from time-hungry followers.


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