The British pub is dead. Long live the British pub

“Their loss is also the disappearance of a kitchen, or a sitting room, or some comfortable dim place where there is warmth and a welcome, and no questions asked, all over Britain.”

This detailed, informative and affectionate look at the plight of the British pub was published at The Economist just before Christmas, but I wanted to highlight it again now in case it got overlooked during the holiday season.

The fact it’s written by the obituaries editor speaks volumes.


3 thoughts on “The British pub is dead. Long live the British pub

  1. A little part of me dies when I see a local pub close down. Such a shame as they should be the heart beat of any community. City centre closures are sad, but it’s especially depressing to read that fact about half of all villages don’t even have a pub.

    One of the main factor is clearly the breweries ripping off pubs so they can barely make any margin without charging a fortune. Long live independents but they are few and far between.

    Despite the doom and gloom I did want to comment to say that there are some manging to thrive though. My local (The Midland at Marple Bridge) is an incredible spot for example, and they are always busy because they are damned good at what they do. Superb food, fantastic real ales, a great atmosphere and interesting events such as wine tasting nights. I think as well as the external economic factors some pubs just need to freshen up their approach a bit to ensure their survival.


  2. I am quite lucky where i live that we still have a good collection of “proper” pubs serving good food.
    The giant pub chains have no desire for quaint British pubs just soulless drinking rooms that are the same in every city in the UK.


  3. Beer tax, witherspoons (supermarket style predatory pricing), unlimited licensing and over supply of non traditional pubs, supermarkets discounting alcohol, red tape, council taxes on businesses, virtual socialising (internet), and the list gets longer every year.


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