New Year diets: From cavewoman to real women

I love this time of year if for no other reason than marvelling at all the host of different ways to achieve that ‘slimmer, sexier you’ that require no effort whatsoever.

From the celebrity top tips to the pseudo science, the creativity involved in saying ‘eat less and do more exercise’ (without ever actually saying it) is a testament to the ingenuity of writers, book publishers and editors everywhere.

Take today’s Sunday Times Style as a perfect example. The Cavewomen Diet, we are told is a “revolutionary new diet” that promises to “get you the body you were born to have”.

Ignoring a nagging feeling that there’s been some sort of invasion of bodysnatchers which has left us all with bodies that don’t belong with us, it was interesting to read that this diet has been “an enormous success in America”.

After all, the fattest nation in the world should to be able to teach us Europeans a thing or too. But the most remarkable thing about the article was the helpful illustrations of a young woman who’s been able to successfully shed a good few pounds by dispensing with all her clothes.

If you’re interested in this diet (taken from a book called The Evolution Diet), the short version is eat more fresh fruit and veg. Vive la revolution!

Turning away from such things as Cheryl Cole’s brush with biology (the Blood Group eating plan) or Naomi Campbell’s maple syrup sweet solution, I’ve been heartened to hear some good sense in these matters from the food bloggers I follow.

Rachel Rambles for instance has (like myself) declared January to be booze free in a bid to get 2011 off to a healthy start and is documenting her calorie counting adventures in a refreshingly honest, and helpful,way:

“Yesterday evening I was given a fab tip off about an iphone app by a couple of lovely tweeters, the app’s called My Fitness Pal and is free to download, or you can do it online.  I downloaded it last night and entered in what I’d eaten yesterday and was so shocked – my 2 mince pies cost me over 500 calories!  Damn you Mr Kipling!  I ended up being 700 cals over!  It’s worked out OK though, because my cycle on Monday burnt off plenty of calories.

“The problem I had with weight watchers is I would store up the points for the end of the week and then binge drink and binge eat at the weekend, I’m trying to avoid doing that this time – which is easy whilst I’m not boozing.”

Similarly MissCay at Little Red Courgette is easing into a healthier New Year and puts forward a delicious sounding recipe for Chinese broccoli beef  to get things on track explaining;

“As a rule, I tend not to believe in diets. A bad experience with Slimming World last year and their exhortations that nothing tastes as good as slim feels has made me look upon them as the work of devils, charlatans and people who don’t appreciate the sheer unbridled meaty joy of a good steak. However, seeing as I am a) getting married next year and b) decidedly lardy, something has got to give.  So, I have decided to take up running again, only indulge in booze at the weekends and attempt to eat a healthier diet. For now anyway.”

No nudity, no bizarre rituals – I’m sticking with the blogosphere for inspiration this year.


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