Want to run your own restaurant?

A car salesman and an astrophysicist might sound like an unlikely partnership to start restaurant business, but Paul Brook and Daniel Moran are setting out to make foodie dreams come true using an idea they saw used successfully to form a football club.

The Bradford Telegraph and Argus reports how the businessmen hope to attract £20,000 for the venture via the website run yourownrestaurant.com

“They aim to fund the restaurant through the investors paying a £29.99 registration fee, with the first 1,000 able to register for free. Each investor will earn the right to take part in a weekly vote on how to run the business for two years during which time they will also get a share of the profits.”

More information via the T&A article here.


2 thoughts on “Want to run your own restaurant?

  1. I’m always amazed by the number of people who have no specific expertise that have the idea of running a food business.Even with industry experience statistics show you have more chance of failure than success.
    The thing is ,will the investors have any experience??Yet they will have a say in the running and direction of the business.I’m not saying its impossible for someone with no industry experience,but if you want to succeed you need a clear vision of what you want to achieve,what your market is and where you want to take the business.You need to set your stall out at the beginning,having all those people with an input I think would be an absolute nightmare,the direction of the business could be changing on a weekly basis.
    I mean I wouldn’t dream of setting myself up as a plumber because I wouldn’t have the expertise to do it.


    1. Thanks for your comment, it does indeed sound like a difficult thing to pull off – be interesting to know how the football club got on wouldn’t it?


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