Three free food apps

If you want to take your food planning mobile, you could pay for celebrity tips or give some of the free iPhone and iPad apps a whirl. Taking a look at The Sunday Times top apps today it seems that celebs are cashing in with apps which will cost you – Jamie’s 20 minute meals (£4.99), Nigella’s quick collection (also £4.99), and River Cottage every day at more modest £1.79.

But the list also highlights some worth a try out for free. Here’s three that caught my eye if you want to shun the slebs;

  • VeganYumYum mobile; lets you search, view, and organize veggie recipes from the award-winning food blog,
  • Boskoi; The only android app to make the list is also open source and helps users map wild food available for a bit of foraging. Made by the foragers at Urban Edibles in Amsterdam Boskoi is an Ushahidi-based app that comes with a few foraging guidelines. If you don’t have an android smartphone, the service is also available on the web.
  • All dinner spinner;  Like the website, this iphone app lets you search for recipes by ingredient or time allowable or by popularity and makes the recipes sharable.

2 thoughts on “Three free food apps

  1. Hi Sarah,
    Thanks for the tips on the free food apps (even though I’m tempted by Jamie’s more costly one). recently launched our iphone app and would love to see what you think… and… it’s free. If you’re interested in us “taking you on a first date” so that you can test out our new app, let me know.


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